Monday, October 20, 2014

The Way I See It

               This artic is going throw the mine if Mike LeBlanc and the way he see snowboarding and how meeting Gigi Ruf completely changed the way he hits his lines.

 For the first 15 years of Mike’s career he always planed all of his runs before he hit them. One day when he was hitting some lines with, living legend, Gigi Ruf, Gigi asked Mike what his plan for his run was, Mike had his plane thought out from start to finished. Mike than asked what Gigi was planning to do, Gigi than said “I don’t know, I just go and see what the mountain tells me is coming, and then I do what comes up.”  After herring that, it has changed on how much he enjoys riding and enjoying life in total. Now when Mike rides what he thought he was going to do before his run, was throw out the window, and juts when with what the mountain gave hem and never asks anymore from it. When he rides he pushes the fear he once had riding and just lives in the moment, enjoying all the runs he hits.

This is a grate article about Mike LeBlanc meeting Gigi Ruf, changing the way Mike rides and sees life as a hole.       

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