Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wilderness Air

Wilderness Air


”A Trip of a Lifetime”- By Rodney Brintle




          This article starts off by how the authors family saved up an entire year to go out on a hunting trip in the west. He was sixteen and flying for the first time to a cabin in the woods where they would hunt bears. He talks about how he went fishing right away then helped set bear bait. He then writes about how he was set up in a tree close to a trap and apart from his dad. He waited 45 minutes then a bear came and he shot it dead. He talks about how he hopes his son uses the gun he used that he got from his dad to kill there first bear.


This article or story hasn’t really changed me or inspired me, but I find it shows how proud one can be when they accomplish goals. The fact that he used the gun his dad used to kill his first bear, and he did that just adds to his excitement and makes him seem happier in the story.  I would recommend this story because its a short fun read of one persons adventures.


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