Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Urban forest, more valuable than you think

Toronto urban forest more valuable than you think

by: Emanuela Campanella

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This was a very interesting article that put into perspective how valuable trees really are in an

This was a very interesting article that put into perspective how valuable trees really are in an urban setting. I found it very eye opening just how valuable trees are to us especially if you put it into a dollar value. (This information also applies to Ottawa and many other urban settings.)
The article discussed all of the advantages of trees in communities like ours. Trees can help absorb air pollutants and excess water improving the air and water quality of the city, provide shade, moderate the climate and even more. All of these factors really help reduce the amount of money that has to be spent on water and air treatment, reduce energy use from air conditioners and other cooling mechanisms and also reduces demand on the city's infrastructure by absorbing water. The article estimated that the Toronto urban forest is worth at least 700 million dollars and that each tree is worth about $4.20. The cost to maintain each tree is quite high,$1.35-$3.20 per year, however the article concluded that it is well worth the cost to maintain these trees.

It really surprised me just how many positive effects trees have on a community and how high the dollar value of all their benefits is. I think that many of us appreciate the beauty and value of trees in the wilderness and in more remote areas however this article has made me realize that the trees scattered around our community play a very important role in our daily lives. Many people agree that it is important to preserve beautiful forests and other natural areas but forget about the trees around their own home. Seeing how valuable these trees are to our community and how much they are actually worth makes me realize how truly important it is to protect them, not pollute, and continue to plant new trees around your own neighbourhood.

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