Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Snares and Traps for Survival Trapping - Dave Scott

*** - Good
"Snares and Traps for Survival Trapping" is an article about using snares that are used for survival in the wilderness. It tells us about two different types of snares that can be used and the different uses of them.

This article provides some interesting information about traps. It talks about the two types of traps, them being snares and deadfalls. Snare is when a loop is used to catch an animal and it gets tighter the more the animal struggles. A deadfall is a traps that uses a heavy weight to crush the targeted animal. It gives information on how both the traps work in more detail and it gives some of their pros and cons. 
The only thing I wish this article could have done was maybe teach you how to actually make one. Although it would be more difficult on through text I feel that with images or maybe a link to a video it could have been done. 

I've always wanted to try survival techniques, traps being one of them but there would be no point in setting these things up. Even tough I have no use for them at the moment it could possible become useful one day so i became interested in the topic. I learned a little about traps but not exactly what i wanted. 
The article is good for general information about snares and deadfalls but not necessarily the best when it comes to learning about them. 

Scott, Dave. "Snares and Traps for Survival Trapping." Alderleaf Wilderness College. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2014. <>.

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