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Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime - Dave McMahon

Article Assignment #1 
Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime
By Dave McMahon 
Rating ****
This article states the beneficial effects outdoor trail running has on you both physically and mentally.  Not only do trails have the added obstacles keeping your mind focused, they also challenge your body physically in a way running on pavement cannot.  This article shares tips on how to avoid injuries and how to get the most out of your workout.
This article explains how running can be improved significantly simply by changing location.  Running on trails keeps your mind busy by concentrating on the terrain in front of you and the scenery around you.  This article describes the results you will receive by running on trails.  The added challenge will increase your power, endurance, agility, balance and core-strength.  This article also explains ways to prepare yourself for difficult terrain and what to do when you are running to avoid getting hurt.  The author writes about how trail running provides people with real-time problem solving skills and mental fitness.  He believes “a run in the woods provides more natural intervals than a structured workout with less fatigue”.
This article made me think of our backpacking trip while we walked through the trails.  I could have used these tips to ensure I was properly balanced throughout the hike.  The article gives you tips on how to make difficult terrain easier for yourself such as leaning forward from the hips and taking short strides when ascending.  For going downhill you lower your center of gravity and stride out.  All these tips make it easier for you while walking or running.  This article states very interesting facts and makes me want to try running on trails instead of pavement.  I will definitely use these skills in the future on class trips and when I go hiking.
Trail running, Anywhere, Anytime
In-text: (McMahon, 2014)

Bibliography: McMahon, D. (2014). Trail running, Anywhere, Anytime. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, [online] p.11. Available at: http://Article Assignment Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime by Dave McMahon [Accessed 13 Oct. 2014].

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  1. You should also try running in the trails - it's great!
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