Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Prepare for All Kinds of Camping Weather - Jeff Adams

How to Prepare for All Kinds of Camping Weather – Jeff Adams

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In this article, Jeff Adams explains the extreme importance on checking the weather before the departure of a camping trip and explains and supplies tips on how you can prepare for all sorts of weather conditions.

This article discussed the variety of weather conditions that one may encounter on a hiking trip (normal or extreme) and the best ways to plan or cope with the situation if it was a surprise. He explained the importance of checking the weather constantly before a trip because the weather can change instantly. One moment its sunny and warm and the next, there’s a thunderstorm. He gives great tips on how to deal with extreme weather conditions such as floods and tornadoes. Also, he explains what’s ideal to pack for severe heat or cold weather such as brand names and the types of clothing necessary so you don’t over pack.

I think this article will help me with any future camping trips I might go on because not all camping trips will have the magnificent weather I had on the Frontenac hiking trip. It was very helpful in recommending brands and fabrics of clothing for all weather conditions and what’s appropriate to bring. I have never thought of such weather conditions I could come across during a camping trip and with this article, it gave plenty of tips on how to deal with all kinds of weather conditions. Reading this article has really made me think about the importance of watching the weather and thoroughly packing for any situation without over packing. This article will definitely help me with the preparation for any future camping trips.

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