Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trip 2: The Wind River- Martha Taylor

 Rating: ***

The Wind River offers an easy paddling, with beautiful, jaw dropping scenery. Being one of the most accessible rivers in the Yukon, every meter paddled or foot hiked, there is never a dull moment.

This article goes into deep description of the Wind River, located in Yukon. It explains the type of paddling experience required, which is class I or II. Not only is there water to paddle across, but also trails to hike. It is recommended to travel to the Wind River between the months of June to august, where you can experience the wildlife to the fullest. The guided tours of the Wind River are about 2-3 weeks, where tour guides help and guide you through the wilderness. With stories, memories and fun, this is surely a trip any outdoorsy person should consider.

After reading this article, i am more open minded about Canada and its beautiful wildlife. It’s a possibility that when I’m older and start to have more free time, I will have the chance to take time to myself and travel up north.

Taylor, M (2014). The Yukon: A Paddler's Paradise. Trip 2: The Wind River, 23.

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