Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Record-breaking volcanic eruption still going strong in Iceland six weeks later

Author: Rachel Feltman
This article about the volcanic eruption in Iceland was a very interesting article that had me wanting to know more information from start to finish.

This article is about the volcanic eruption taking place in Iceland, which has been going on 6 weeks now. The volcano has been erupting at a steady pace, spewing out lava about the size of an NFL football field, every 5.5 minutes. Thankfully, there is no habited area in close range. The volcano has a possibility of potentially emitting toxins into the air, although at the moment it is not a huge concern. Scientists are closely monitoring the flow of the volcano, although it is almost impossible for them to predict when the volcano could stop erupting. This is the second volcanic eruption in 4 years, following the eruption of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, which produced tons of ash and shut down many airports around the area. So far, this eruption is not producing ash, although it is said that it could at any time. The volcano is not seen as a huge threat, at this moment.   

I really enjoyed reading this article, since volcano's really do fascinate me. Having seen brief news flashes of the volcano, this article was able to clarify the basic details, to provide me with a general understanding of what is happening in Iceland. The article is very exciting and informative, and I recommend you read it if you're interested in natural disasters.  

Feltman, Rachel. "Record-breaking volcanic eruption still going strong in Iceland six weeks later"The Washington Post (2014): 2. October 15th, 2014 <>.  

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