Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weather Basics For Backpacking By T.D Wood

Rating : ***

This article explains the importance, as well as how to better be prepared for a backpacking trip by being prepared to deal with all weather situations. It talks about how to prepare and what to do if stuck in a storm.

Wood speaks of how to prepare ahead. This includes preparing for the worst eventuality and hoping for the best. He talks about the importance of looking at historic weather patterns for the area you are travelling through, as well as considering carrying a small radio to keep up to date on current weather news. He covers how to interpret clouds to predict future changes in weather, such as the potential for rain or clearer weather. Wood speaks of what to do and where to go if your outside in the event of a thunder storm. He also covers taking cover in larger groups as well as what to do in the event of  a strike. Lastly he explains how to gauge the distance from you that lightning is striking.

This article has shown to me that there is a lot of thought that you must put into preparing for the weather before you go on any outdoor adventure. This article, despite being written for the purpose of informing backpackers and people interested in backpacking, is actually a great tool for anyone looking at spending time in the outdoors as all outdoor activities are effected by the weather. This has better informed me on how to ensure that I am prepared for the next time I venture into the outdoors and would recommend it to all planing to do the same.

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