Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson, ACT II

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson, ACT II
by Joshua Broesamle

This article was a clever way to talk about a recent whitewater trip taken on by these experts. It was formatted similar to a play though it reported on all the major events of there trip. The whitewater trip takes place in northern New York, specifically the Opalescent. The Opalescent is New York's steepest mile of whitewater as well as one of its most exiting. These brave men face the thrills and chills this run has to offer. They talk about their experience with this run over the course of 3 different years.  Its a riveting experience to hear there tales of this beautiful run.

This  article is beneficial to me in many different ways. The biggest way being that I, as a whitewater Kayaker, am always looking for new and interesting runs and the fact that I live very close to this run makes it all the more interesting. Another important thing I learned from this article is that Dennis Squires, One of the main kayakers in this article, has written a guide book for the area I would like to start kayaking in. This article also touched briefly on some different tips and tricks of the trad like scouting ahead on rapids and making judgment calls whether to go down a run or not based on safety concerns. Over all this was very informative and interesting article and i will most definitely look further into the runs mentioned in this article.

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