Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Taste of Alpine Camping- Taras Boyko

Rating: ****

Alpine hikers take a great deal of time to carefully plan and prepare mentally and physically for their expedition.

This article talks about alpine camping and hiking. It explains the pros and cons, and gives suggestions and tips about alpine camping. Some cons that are given are the lack of oxygen and air and this can have a huge impact on your body. Also you won’t find firewood on some mountains and you can suffer from starvation and hyperthermia. In addition they mention some important information about keeping a light backpack, setting up camp, and making sure all the essentials are in your bag before leaving. This article also talks about some suggestions and tricks like finding a good breathing rhythm, silence is key because loud noise can trigger avalanches, and help fellow hikers.

This article taught me a lot about alpine hiking, including the rules, tips, tricks and things to look out for. This read has inspired and made me think about hiking in the future with family or friends, and how amazing that experience would be.
I hope to go Alpine camping in the future and experience the new things it has to offer.

2006,, Taras Boyko
By Emma Cummings

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