Friday, November 21, 2014

Are we born to run?
Christopher Mcdougall
Are we born to run is a good, short TED talk where Christipher madougall speaks about running and how humans evolved Into the best long distance runners on the planet and how he believes we are losing are advantage over our natural pray.

He starts of by talking about a aboriginal tribe untouched by civilization and how they continue to live in packs by running there pray to death. Next he explains the physical capabilities of men and women saying that women are slow sprinters but the longer the distance the better the can preform up to the point they can beat male times in 84k races. The. He talks about how our society today looks at running as a punishment for that Ice cream that you had last night. He thinks that if we don't keep feeling that running is a punishment than we may lose our advantage over our pray and how a market found a way to get us to wear shoes that made us run improperly and get injured more often than not so he is suggesting that people use only bare feet while running to minimize risk and promote the proper technique in runers.

I think that this man has done lots his reasearch and is fairly knolageable in this subject in the aboriginal culture that he studied he found they don't get cancer or heart disease they live to 100 normally and they run all their life. The lecture really made me understand the way life would have been like before we became a technology inclined species and we could farm our own food and live in industrialized culture where movement is hardly nesiary. He made me realize that our only means of eating in the past was to run and I tried to figure out how we went from packs of human hunters to and advanced technological world and if we will ever need those physical traits again and if so will they disappear forever we will be a helpless animal living in the wilderness.

I would defenatly recommend this Ted talk to anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of how running shaped the ways we live today.

Mcdougall, Christopher "are we born to run" TED. June. 2009. Lecture.
-Simon C-

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