Thursday, November 6, 2014

Article #2 (Mercedes Joe Walls-Cleroux)

Orienteering Offers Unique Way to Explore Woods
By: Joseph Dits

             You will get lost, that’s the truth, its apart of the orienteering nature. You will be stumped, looking at depressions in the earth and boulders, wondering where you went astray. But you will get better, eventually it’ll only take you seconds to find your way.


            Joseph explains in his article Orienteering Offers Unique Way to Explore Woods that orienteering is more than just a sport, it’s a hobby, a life style even. Take the minute to enjoy the world; it’s not always about being the fastest, best or the winner. Sometimes the real winners are the ones who are able to take a second, sit back and enjoy their surroundings and enjoy it with the ones with them.


            This article has had some what of an impact on me. I realize that sometimes my competitive nature can get in the way of enjoying the experience. I’m now able to take the time to enjoy the experience rather than being stressed to win. I’m in inspired in Joseph’s philosophy on orienteering and life in general. It has motivated me to view the world with a different perspective. I do think that this article has had some sort of an impact on me.


“Dits Joseph” Mon Sep 22, 2014. Orienteering Offers Unique Way to Explore Woods South Bend Tribune

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