Thursday, November 6, 2014

Going Long: Leadville Legends. ( Jonathan Lemieux)

Going Long: Leadville Legends Share their top tips
by:  Molly Hurford
rating: **

When I first saw the title I had no idea what Leadville was. I assumed it was a type of race for mountain biking. So I decided to look it up before deciding to read the article. It sounded very interesting so I decided to read this article. Unfortunately it wasn't what I was expecting.

The Leadville 100 is a long race of 100 miles in the mountains of Leadville Colorado. In this articles some of the top Leadville 100 bikers talk about some of the techniques they used to be able to complete the course. The first tip they give is "volume counts" they say that to even be able to finish the race (cut off time of 12 hours) you need to train hard, and get the miles/Km's in. the next tip they talked about was " Sliming Down" they talk about how they're is over 11,000 feet of climbing to do in the 100 miles of biking. and having a good power-to-weight ratio is something that will definitely improve your time. They're were many tips. Some I agreed with and some I just wouldn't want to do.. 

Overall I didnt really enjoy reading this article. But if you are ever interssted in trying the Leadville 100, there may be some tips you'd want to check out to help you in your adventure biking through the race.

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