Thursday, November 6, 2014

Article #3

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Author:  Greg Ansley
Published: 20th Aug 2014 6:03 AM

This article was about a crocodile attack on a 57 year old fisherman in the Adelaide River.  This man was fishing on a Monday night with his wife before being attacked by a 4.5m crocodile named Michael Jackson (the name comes from his albino appearance). His wife heard screaming and called the police after being unable to find her husband. The police later found the remains of her husband along with the crocodile Michael and preceded by shooting the crocodile, the wife was later treated for shock after such a traumatizing event. This man was the fourth victim of a crocodile attack during that year. Around 1971 the death rate of crocodile attacks became 2 out of a 100 attacks per year. In Australia the Adelaide River is so packed with crocodiles that it has become a tourist attraction. Michael Jackson was a really rare sight due to the fact that he was an albino crocodile which is extremely uncommon.

What I learned from this article was to heed the warning signs should there ever be any near rivers. I also learned that the death rate of humans dying to crocodiles was very low compared to my original guess, and that albino crocodiles were extremely rare. Another thing I learned would be to steer clear of any place that has crocodiles to avoid any risks.

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