Thursday, November 6, 2014

Article #3

How to Build a Small Game Survival Snare

By: Creek Stewart

While stuck in a survival situation it is important to be able to catch food. This article not only explains how to build a snare, but why you would need one in the first place and what the best places to set up a snare are. While setting up a snare it is also extremely important to decide what kind of small game you are targeting with your snare, for the snare that this article teaches you to build can be used for things as large as deer, while also being able to be modified to catch fish. The snare itself consists of four main parts, the noose (made from some kind of string or wire), the two part trigger (made from wood), the leader line (also made from strings/wire), and the engine (usually a bent-over sapling). The guide then goes into detail about how to construct and set up all these parts for maximum effectiveness, hopefully landing you a meal for the next day.

I found this article to be extremely informative and the information in it could really mean the difference between life or death in a survival situation. The snare is not a complicated one to set up and the article includes many diagrams to help guide you through the process. Knowing how to make this snare could help make normally dangerous situations much less perilous because if you can gather food through these traps you have a much better chance of survival out in the wilderness.

Stewart, Creek. “How to Build a Small Game Survival Snare” The Art of Manliness. Web. 29 March. 2012. <>

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