Friday, November 28, 2014

Article #4-Amy Phillips
Canoe and Kayaking U.k magazine

Rating **** good

This article gives tips for the various different types of canoeing and Kayaking for example, beginners, sea kayaking, white-water, freestyle, touring, surf kayaking, open canoeing and coaching.

It gives basic but necessary information about what to do, what to bring (gear), what kind of training you might need and more.

This article affects me because I have done lots of canoeing and if a plan to do more, I will now have these extra helpful tips.  I have also done sea kayaking and freestyle canoe/kayaking. This article reminded me of all those times. I also own my own kayaks therefore, I know how to pack them with proper gear and successfully kayak. This article also gives links to destinations for good canoeing and kayaking in the U.k. Living in Canada this isn’t very helpful but most of the same rules apply. I learned many new tips for example how kneeling in a canoe helps with balance. It has inspired me to try new types of canoeing and kayaking and to continue doing these fun outdoor activities.

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