Friday, November 28, 2014

Out Door Education Article Assignment

A House of Snow and Ice- Jonathon Brown


You’re a traveler, a hunter on the cold arctic ice. You’ve been pursuing seals for many hours, and now you must rest. But the ground around you is frozen. There are no trees anywhere. The wind is bitterly cold. Your survival depends on shelter. What will you do? If you are an Inuit hunter, you might build an igloo. An igloo is a shelter built from snow and ice.

A House of Snow and Ice is an informative article revolving around igloos. It teaches you the importance of an igloo and how to make one. In which situations you might need it, and which situations you might be better off suing a different type of shelter.

With winter approaching this article has defiantly had an imoact on me, it helps me understand the importance of staying warm in these harsh weathers. I know that realitically I will never be in the situation in which I will need to build and sruvive in an igllo. But, if the accident were to ever occur I would be prepared. I would understand how to take all of the safety percautions to keep myself warm and alive.


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