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Article - choosing the right bicycle

Bicycles : how to choose by Shawn Carkonen

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Bicycling lets you have fan and also get exercise while your at it. It can also be a benefit to you such as biking to work or school. Bicycling can be a great way to enjoy the outdoor and experience a backcountry trail, also if your advanced into bicycling , you can do more serious adventures such as touring or racing.

Whatever you like to do while biking, there is a number of bicycles that fit into what you do while biking.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are pretty common and really self explainable with the name ''road bikes.'' Road bikes are usually the lightest out of all the kind of bikes and is used best for the pavement. When your parents sometimes yell about almost hitting a biker along a road usually made for cars, the bike that was being used was properly a road bike with skinny bars and a unique handlebar. Price ranges from $400 to $3,000+.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are the best for off road bicycling and usually have the biggest size of wheels on them. Mountain bikes are the best for trails and hill climbing terrains because they have the best braking systems then other bikes and have shock absorbing features. Price ranges from $400 to $2,000+.

Comfort and hybird bikes

These kind of bikes are basically two in one because they are meant to be cycled on pavement and off road. The best places to ride comfort and hybrid bikes is in the neighbourhood and on mini park trails. Price ranges from $450 to $1,000+.

Urban and commuting bikes

These kind of bikes were built with city streets in mind and are the best kind of bikes for someone who likes to cruise around the city with a bike. Price ranges from $500 to $1,500.

This article talks about the many kind of bikes there is to purchase and what there really meant for.

The main goal of this article is to help beginners choose the right type of bike that matches there riding areas. I can relate to this article because I'm a big fan of biking and in the future I'm sure in the future i would be purchasing some kind of bike that matches my liking and preferred riding area in the future.

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