Friday, November 7, 2014

Wilderness Survival 101- Allen Macartney

Rating: ***

This article is good if you ever find yourself stuck in the wilderness with no rescue imminent

In this article the author tells the story of a woman named Rita Chretien as they got stuck on a snowy trail on there way to a Nevada trade show it tells her story of how she survived for 49 days and with barely any survival skills or outdoor experience it tells us how she did it with her determination and offers all sorts of facts about how the human body works to give an explanation to how she survived that long an example of this would be an explanation of how long the body can go without water and how the body needs little food to actually function and how most humans body’s store nutrients incase of a situation the article also tells us about the 5 needs for survival which are attitude, shelter, water, fire/warmth, food.

This article has taught me a lot about how to handle a survival if I ever do find myself in one and has been very informative on the facts of the human body that either I was a little vague on or didn’t know at all around a good source of information.

Allan Macartney’s Wilderness 101: Ottawa outdoors spring issue

By: Zack Wyonch

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