Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buying a Canoe: Things to Consider Before You Make Your Purchase

Buying a Canoe:

Things to consider before you make your Purchase

By: Brad Wipperman

Rating- ****

               In this article, the author discusses key decisions one should make when looking for a canoe. This is to help those who are beginning to take an interest in canoeing and would wish to make a purchase; yet don't know what kind of canoe they should buy.

              The article begins by asking the reader, or anyone wishing to buy a canoe, by asking them what they are looking for in a canoe, or what is their preferences.. Questions like "what type of trip of trip will the canoe be used for?", to questions like "what material is the canoe made out of?". The article then describes the importance of these questions and describes how different canoes are used in different scenarios. Another thing this article does is ask frequently asked questions a beginner will ask when wanting to buy a canoe. Questions like; "what is the difference between a symmetrical and an asymmetrical canoe?", to the importance of length, width and height and how it affects the performance of a canoe. 

             I personally found this article important. As someone who while isn't foreign to canoeing, isn't skilled enough to learn the importance of each type of canoe and what they are used for. Now that I learned what kind of canoes are used in what, I feel more assured for when I make a decision in the future when buying a canoe.


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