Monday, November 3, 2014

Fantasy Island

Article #3     Rapid - Fantasy Island

In this article, or magazine it mainly talks about white water kayaking and canoeing. During the length of this assignment i will further explain what this article speaks about. I will speak of what they focus on, and what they speak lightly of.

Advertising, there are 9 advertising pages. 4 of them are about exotic places that you can visit, like the french river, its “luxurious lodge-based canoeing, has gourmet food, Unique cabins, and its only 299$ for 3 days, 2 nights.” There is a whole page on various luxurious places you can visit, most of them for 3 days or 5 days. The other 5 pages are on the new canoes you can buy, and why there better than all the other canoes. You can buy a new paddle, a green one thats revolutionary, because the paddle has a curve. The other ones are on improving you’re rescue skills, from 2-4 days, and call for a small fee of a dollar for more information.

There are many pages giving you tips, tips on how to get out of places that youre stuck in, like in a hole, or if youre about to go through a lot of rapids youre not sure you can go through. It speaks of many tournaments you can go to in america, and the prizes you can win if you enter.

Theis is a good article and i would recommend it, i would put a ⅘ on it because it has really good pictures with well written pieces that follow, i find that this article would encourage people to go white water kayaking if they have never before gone because it looks like a lot of fun, there is a safety page and where you can go to improove youre safety/rescue skills. It shows places that would be good to go with youre familly as a vacation so that you can bring youre kids and they can learn to. It shows a good side if the wilderness and how beautiful it is, which makes you want to go that much more.

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