Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Layering Basics

Layering Basics
By Steve Tischler

This is a very informative article which is great to learn more about the layering of clothing.
The author explains the function of each layer in detail and gives different examples for fabrics and activities. Because it is an article which belongs to an online shop website, it also provides links which lead you to the perfect gear for the particular layer.

By reading this article I could enlarged my knowledge of layering and clarify the importance of each of the three layers. I learned from it which layer I would have to take off in a certain condition. It made me think how I can improve my own layering and that I will have to pay more attention to the fabrics I use. The article made me realize that if I know how to layer properly I don’t necessarily have to buy a super thick winter jacket. So if you are usually freezing even if you have a thick jacket, you should probably read this article. The article reinforced and added to what I learned in class.

Tischle, Steve. "Layering Basics"

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