Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Preparing the camp and getting through the night – Ron Watters

Preparing the camp and getting through the night – Ron Watters

Felix Shier
November 20th 2014

Rating: ****

            This article talks about winter camping and gives all sorts of tips that you’ll need for setting up camp to make sure your trip is a success. The article gives examples of how and where to set up your tent (or where to set up a shelter if you don’t have a tent), how to set up your kitchen area, how to stay dry and safe throughout your trip, what to do about getting water and most importantly how to stay warm.

            This article begins by showing how to choose a good spot for a campsite based on possible safety concerns that could occur during a trip and resources that you will need. Some of the things you will need to watch out for on a trip would be avalanches if you are near a mountain, wind, and the terrain that you are camping on. While choosing a campsite it would be best to choose one near a stream or any source of water. You should also keep in mind that heat rises when you choose your campsite because staying warm is very important on a winter trip. When setting up your tent you should keep it 90 degrees to where the wind is coming from and if your tent happens to be on a hill, make sure the entrance is pointing downwards so that the cool air doesn’t sink into it. If you have ski equipment, they can serve as poles if you do not have some already when setting up the tent. The article also suggests digging a hole outside the tent to brush off snow from your shoes. When setting up a kitchen area, it is important to be cautious with your stove, as they can be unpredictable at times, you should only cook in your tent if absolutely necessary. On a winter trip, it is extremely important to keep warm, you should always have dry clothes on and should take in one gallon of water each day. In the tent you should have your sleeping bag as tight as it can go with the exception of a hole for your mouth and if there is anybody else in the tent you should stay close for body heat.

            This article has shown me how important the little things are when going winter camping, it shows how the placement of your tent and even the placement of the entrance can keep you warm, and how ‘makeshift’ some things can be if needed. This article made me think of the winter camps that I have previously been on, the one we will be going on with the school and how I will use these techniques on the trip. This article has changed me in a sense that I will now pay more attention to the little details on a trip like placement of a tent, how much liquids I take in and how to set up a proper cooking area.

            In conclusion, this article was very useful and taught me the proper steps and tips in how to ‘winter camp’ and now I can't wait for our next school outing.

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