Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learn This: Pinch Points- Julie Ellison

  Learn This: Pinch Points

By Julie Ellison

This article is written to explain a method of how to get threw difficult section of climbing when in a group of people who may be a bit intimidated by this section. It outlines the techniques that need to be used to assure that everyone is safe when going threw this section. It talks about how to properly set up a pinch point and how to belay using this point. A pinch point is a point in between two rocks that can be used to attach rope to so that you can safely travel threw the area with a little extra sense of security. 

This article can help me in my future endeavors with rock climbing. I happen to come from a family of rock climbers and i've been interested in giving the sport a shot. The information in this article ,ahy come in handy if i ever find myself in a uncertain situation and want to have a little extra sense of security when climbing This method of setting up a makeshift belay point is very interesting and, apparently, quite strong as well. It very well might save my life one day a well as my fellow climbers.

Ellison, J. (n.d.). Learn This: Pinch Points. Retrieved November 20, 2014, from

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