Thursday, November 20, 2014

Out Alive: Broken Leg, Lost, and Alone- by Josh Prestin- Emma Meek

Outdoor Ed. Article Assignment
Out Alive: Broken Leg, Lost, and Alone- Josh Prestin
An inspiring, breathtaking story about survival, demonstrating that not everything goes as planned in the wild as well as what to do if something similar ever happens to you.

A very lost hiker wanders into the forest alone and without any equipment, when reaching higher grounds to reorient herself she falls about 50 feet  landing on her legs, breaking one, and seriously injuring the other. Even though she was in the worst possible situation she used all her previously learned skills to survive by crawling her way around, finding safe foods to eat and staying calm. She explains that the best thing to do in a situation like that is to stay put and don’t get more lost. After covering herself in moss to sleep the night, she was finally found after 3 days when her hiking partner got help. She later realized all the things she could’ve done to prevent this from happening, however at that moment you would never even think about that.

Ever since we started the survival unit, I really enjoyed reading miraculous survival stories like this one.  It shows that even when all hope is lost, it isn't. I enjoyed this article because of how it differs from articles alike. Instead of just telling the story, it also shares ways of how you could prevent this from happening and survival tactics if you ever experience something similar. It makes me more confident in my skills and knowledge of the outdoors, and although it seems scary to think of something like this ever happening to me, I think I would know what to do. This article is an example of not only optimism and perseverance, but also bravery, it is a story that you can never forget. It has inspired me to try to show those characteristics more often, because if you live life with a positive attitude, you can achieve anything, like the lady in this article. I now will further appreciate the things that outdoor Ed. And camping has taught me, because they can help you with situations you would never imagine could happen. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be inspired, perhaps gain knowledge of what to do in the wilderness and what not to do.
In conclusion this was an excellent, enlightening that really makes you want to keep reading, by far my favorite article I have read yet!
Out Alive: Broken Leg, Lost, and Alone - Backpacker
In-text: (Backpacker, 2013)
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