Thursday, November 20, 2014

How Wolves Change Rivers. By: George Monbiot


Rating: ***** Excellent

Reviewed By: Kyle Godin

       In this interesting video that describes how the wolves who were very small in numbers could change a ecosystem for the better. This was a very well narrated and interesting video in my opinion and I think that it is very precise on describing on the changes the wolves have mad in the ecosysteme in Yellowstone National park.

How Wolves Change Rivers was a very good video because it told the viewers that when the wolves were first reintroduced to Yellow-Stone after being absent from the area for 70 years. The reason why the Wolves change the area so drastically is because do to their absence the deer and elk population grew substantially and when the wolves returned they started hunt them and the deer and elk started to stay away from gorges and valleys in the area. Which resulted in the vegetation to return which helped the other animal population to return to those areas to have more predators for the prey such as bears and different types of birds because the wolves started to hunt and kill the coyotes of the park so mice nd rabbits would return. Also the video describes how to do the return of the wolves they were able to change the flow of the water and the formation of river because do to less deer and elk the forest and vegetation were able to stabilize the river banks so that they would not collapse and that means there is now more space for habitat. Also the rivers started to become more fixed in their courses and the since the wolves drove the deer out of some area's the vegetation was able t stabilize so that there was no more soil erosion. In the end the re-introduction of the Wolves in Yellow-Stone national park changed there ecosystem for the better.

In my opinion I found that this was a really interesting short video that explains why and how the wolves changed the ecosystem for the better in Yellow-Stone national park. I also think that it was necessary to re introduce these animals because they are a important factor in a ecosystem. This was a very educational video and it was interesting to watch I highly recommend it. 


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