Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pay Attention to Stinging Insects During Fall Seasons

By Steve Pollick

        This article talks about the different types of wasp/ bug stings you can get stung by and how they could affect you and a mans personal reaction to them.
        This article begins with listing all the insects that should be cautioned when going outside like yellow jackets, bald faced hornets or paper wasps, he especially stretched the point that paper wasps should be taken seriously because on the first few stings it might not seem bad but gradually these insects bites get worse and even to the point of series injury or death. After the third time of being bit by this wasp through a series of  bites in two months, he was bit again but this time he reacted so seriously that his lip and arm went numb and his body broke out in hives. after that he got advice from an exterminator and sprayed the nest down.

       I thought that this article was alright, I would have found it more helpful if he said where the paper wasps are and if they are near me but other than that I thought the article was helpful because I know how much it hurts to get stung by a wasp and how big of a welt it can make and the importance to stay away from them especially if you've never been stung before and might have allergies. I would suggest this article to anyone that lives in the area of this man and has the same wasps.

Pollick, Steve. (August 14,2014). Pay Attention to Stinging Insects During Fall Season. Outdoor News, . retrieved November 11th, 2014, from

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