Sunday, November 9, 2014

Article #3

Survival fire making
By Nick Spadaro
           This video is about how to make a fire with the littlest of materials. He starts off by telling us what supplies we would need. Some of the materials are a bow, any type of cord, a rock for the top piece, 1’ thick board, spindle, tinder bundle.  Then he talks about the steps you need to do. First you need to put your spindle into your bow then put the spindle into the dent in the board. Place the rock on top of the spindle. Then you spin the bow and create friction with the spindle and the board. From doing that you should get coal. Finally place your tinder on the coal and blow to get fire.
      This can and will be very helpful if I ever was out in the forest with on lighter of matches to start a fire. This will definitely be an option. I learned how to start a fire with a bow, cord, board, rock, spindle and tinder. This has inspired me by showing me that there is a way to start a fire in the forest with the littlest of materials. Also knowing this can be a matter of life and death.       

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