Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pay Here. Free Your Mind.

Pay Here. Free Your Mind.
By: Michael Mechan
Rating: ***

This article us about how you should respect what people ask for no matter how small if how big the price is to pay, and don't not do it because you can get away with it.

Michael Mechan, an outdoors enthusiast, speaks about how it's wrong to take advantage of things when there easy to get away with. He talks about how he sees people who stay at a provincial or national park for just one night and are to cheap to pay the little fair that is being asked. We rely on trust a lot in this world and when people brake that trust it really makes things harder for everyone. He says, "Scientists say that being honest in situations like this can have a positive physiological effect caused by the release of Oxytocin, a hormone linked to social binding, anxiety relief and happiness." That just about sums up this article, you should always be honest and fair.

This was a very warming article because everything that he says it completely true. When people don't obey the rules then everything gets messed and and everyone suffers the conciquences. I would recommend this article to everyone because it's just a down to earth article.

Mechan, Michael. 2013. Pay Here. Free Your Mind. Paddling Buyers Guide, Pg 14. Print.

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