Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nine tips for winter camping

Ahmad El-Arab

Nine Tips for Winter Camping

By Monica Prelle

 Rating: ***

                 Winter is coming, and that means that also means that winter camping is also coming. So in preparation for this, I found 9 tips for winter camping.

                 The article starts of with the author's first experience winter camping. They were ill prepared, using the same worn out gear that they would use for a summer camping trip. This resulted in a difficult trip as the the author had to suffer through a terribly cold trip. The author then explains the importance in bringing the right gear in order to properly enjoy winter camping. Basing their knowledge on their numerous experiences, the author compiled a list of 9 tips for winter campers, while explaining each of them. First is choosing a realistic destination, somewhere where you know you can handle the conditions, and understanding your limitations. The second is checking the weather forecast, so that you will know what to expect and how to counteract the conditions, especially if the weather is showing signs of storm. The third is ensuring to bring the proper clothing, from things like the material to the layers of the clothes are all essential. The fourth is bringing essential winter camping equipment, things like choosing a sleeping bag meant for your temperature, as well as bringing a 4 season tent for harsh weather conditions. The next one is for those who are car camping, suggesting that you should winterize it. The sixth tip suggests warming your sleeping bag beforehand, as it allows more comfort. The author suggests boiling some water, cooling it a little before sealing it and putting it in your sleeping bag so that it could heat up. The seventh tip suggests bringing your own firewood, since most firewood in the outdoors will be cold and wet. The eighth tip was to always prepare hearty meals over simple meals like sandwiches and fruits, as well as bringing hot beverages. The last tip suggests bringing something to entertain yourself with, as winter nights are longer and if you fall asleep quickly, you will awake before the sun is up. 
This article has greatly affected me due to the fact that I will soon be winter camping. Some of these tips will help me out greatly in order to make sure that this trip will be a comfortable one. Not only did it it give me advice with what to pack, but also what to do with it as well as tips that can help me while I'm on the trip. This article has given me helpful advice and I intend to use it.

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