Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Winter Trekking and Online Camper's Community: Sleeping Systems

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This is a very thorough article that goes thorough many different types and combinations of sleeping systems that will help keep you comfortable on cold nights while winter camping. I really liked how the author gave his opinions on what worked best from personal experience and also recommended what to try if you're on a budget.  

The article covered the essentials for staying warm at night while winter camping and dismissed some of the myths too. It discussed the pros and cons of different combinations of sleeping bags such as one sleeping bag versus two layered, bivvy sacks and mummy bags. The author also made many good points about the weight, material, loftiness, layers and condensation to take into consideration for your sleeping system. I learned that aside from the actual sleeping bag itself, your  base layer, your headwear, socks and sleeping pad also have a big impact on your warmth.  

I looked into this subject because the winter camp trip is coming up soon for our class and I am looking for the best methods to stay warm at night. I am looking for all the information I can because I'm hoping  that being prepared will make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible. After reading this article, I understand much better how to stay warm while sleeping and how/what maintains your heat at night. I now know that it is very important to have good insulation between you and the ground, how to choose appropriate clothes to sleep in depending on the temperature and good techniques to use to layer sleeping bags. I learned that putting too many layers too close together actually prevents a warm air pocket from being created so you actually end up being colder. Because the author spoke from personal experience of camping in -40 degress Celcius I know I can trust his information and it makes me feel slightly better about taking on winter camp.

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