Monday, November 3, 2014

unlucky number 13          author: Rou Chater

    This article is about a mountain biker in a competition who gets a little unlucky. His name is Neko Mulally and he is competing in the world champs in Hafjell. Neko has worked really hard to get where he is in this competition. And three seconds into the race off the first jump neko snapped the chain off his bike.

    This was a downhill competition so his chain wasn’t a huge disadvantage but still not a good this to have no chain. Neko tried hard to turn his luck around and finish this race on a good note. And he did, he finished the race with one of the best scores. And people were amazed that Neko could finish the race with such a great time. And sets the bar high for the next bikers to do this course.

    Neko in the end didn’t finish in a medal spot. He came fourth place but still that is a pretty amazing place for the circumstances he was in. And this shows his bike handling skills and his perserverance of Neko Mullaly.

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