Saturday, December 13, 2014

Polar Bear Dip

Ottawa swimmers brave cold for New Year’s Day dip

By Tyler Dawson

★★★★ Good Article

This artcile is more of an informative read than anything. I wasn’t aware of the event until now, and that I am, I plan to do it as soon as I get the chance.

“The Polar Bear Dip” is basically just a quick plunge into some dangerously cold water. While it seems silly and foolish to do such a thing, many find it enjoyable and especially entertaining. Some come alone and others with family and friends to take their trip into the water. Even if just for the ability to brag about who went in deeper or for the longest, it is a great charity event. This latest year, they raised over $60,000 for Children’s Cancer Research. A couple hundred people attended and the numbers are rapidly inceasing over time. I find events like these extremely fun to take part in, even more with friends. Just a chance to go out, goof off and all the while raise money for such a worthy foundation.

Next winter, if you have some family over and you are looking for something to pass the time over the holidays, jet over to the Polar Bear Dip for your chance to have a good time and freeze in the icy water. I plan on making this a Christmas family tradition from now on. Now time to convince my parents!

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