Thursday, December 11, 2014

Saved By: A Paper Clip - Casey Lyons

Saved By: A Paper Clip - Casey Lyons
Rating ***

This article identifies creative ways to survive using only a paper clip as a multifunctional tool.  It is formatted similarly to a survival booklet and offers great guidelines to follow when in a survival situation.

Saved by a Paper Clip is an informal article that depicts the different scenarios in which you would use a paper clip as an implement.  Some examples include creating a fishing hook out of the unwound clip to catch fish.  Another example is to clean wounds with or to tend to them, such as removing splinters.  The most interesting example for me personally was about how it can be made into a compass.  Simply using a leaf, some water, a straightened paper clip and static, the paper clip will align perfectly with North and South.

This article was very interesting to me since I had just completed constructing my survival kit.  I would have never thought that a paper clip could make such a beneficial and conveniently compact item.  I wish I had read this article prior to the project since this apparatus is so small yet has so many different uses; it meets the requirement for the project perfectly.  I will however add one to my survival kit in case I ever need to use it.    

Lyons, C. (2014). Saved by: A Paper Clip. Backpacker

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