Thursday, December 11, 2014

Campfire Cooking- by: Eartheasy

Rate: *** 

This was a good article with many useful tips and recipes for cooking over an open fire. It was a simple read with minimal detail. 

The article mentioned some things to be cautious of when making a cooking fire such as the location, wind and quality of the wood you are burning. It also described how to make the perfect cooking fire by placing rocks in a "U" shape with a large rock at the back to act like a chimney, then laying the sticks across the rocks in a grid like shape. Something really interesting that I found in the article was that after all of the sticks have burned you can readjust the coals to cook on, placing the hottest ones towards the back to recreate the high, medium, low feature on your oven. The article then explained a variety of creative and easy recipes to cook on an open fire. 

I was really interested in reading this article after making bannock on an open fire for the first time. I really enjoy cooking and I also love being outside so combining the two together seems like a natural fit. After the hiking trip I learned that the food you make plays a huge part in your enjoyment of the trip so for future trips I really want to expand my outdoor cooking skills. It surprised me how many recipes there were that you could cook over an open fire and how simple some of them were. I've already made bannock which was simple and delicious but I learned that anything from fish fillets to apple, cinnamon and brown sugar desserts can easily be made over the fire. A new technique that I learned about was just wrapping the food in tin foil and throwing it in the fire with the coals to cook. I'm really excited to try this technique and some of these recipes and might even test them out at winter camp. 

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