Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snowshoe Running - By: Joanne Richard

Rating ***
Amanda Boyd

          I chose this article about snowshoe running because I love winter sports and I had never heard about this certain outdoor activity until now. Also, we might do some snowshoeing in our course so I wanted to know about the different types of snowshoeing you could do.
          The article describes how snowshoe running is becoming more and more popular, especially with runners, skiers, cyclists, and triathletes. The article states that snowshoe running is an ideal supplementary training tool and a cross-over sport that attracts athletes from diverse sports. The article illustrates how this new sport leads to superior body conditioning. Doing this sport gives you a full body workout. The author notes that there are snowshoe running races all across Canada and she describes different people's experiences with this sport as well as the latest equipment.

           I enjoyed reading this article because I liked hearing different people's stories about snowshoe running. I think it is an intriguing new way to get exercise in the winter. I already play hockey and ski in the winter but this seems like a fun challenge. Many of the people who participate in this sport are runners and they said it was a fun and effective alternative way to train in the winter rather than  running in the snow or on a treadmill. I enjoy running but I usually only run in the summer, however, after reading this article, I am taking snowshoe running into consideration because it seems like another fun way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

Richard, J. (2014). Snowshoe Running. iRun, (01), p.2.

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