Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Survival test for TPSAR trainees – Jeff Labine

By Senna Koggel

Rating -   ****

I chose this article about the ‘TPSAR Survival Test’ because I thought it would be very useful information that we could use during our upcoming snow shelter event, since one of the requirements of the course is to sleep in a quinzee.

This article is based on Bruno Prazeres outdoor experience while he participated in the ‘Timmins-Porcupine Search and Rescue survival course'. His stay overnight in the snow was all a part of his ten week survival course that he shared with 27 other students.
Those participating learned how to use a compass, handle medical supplies, use a map, and keep themselves warm and alive if ever found in a winter survival situation. 
After completing this course, the members are eligible to join the search and rescue team.

I found this article to be very interesting and useful. I will be able to use some of the suggested techniques while we make our snow shelters at school. This article has inspired me to start preparing for our ‘trip’, and has convinced me it is worth the experience.

I recommend this article to all of the outdoor ed. students making snow shelters at school! It was very useful, well written, and I am sure I will refer back to it as we get closer to our trip.

Labine, Jeff. "Survival Test for TPSAR Trainees." Timmins Press. Timmins Daily Express, 23 Mar. 2014. Web. 10 Dec. 2014. <>.

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