Friday, December 12, 2014

Two under Dressed Brothers Take On a Blizzard

By Samantha Meloche

Rating: ***

This article demonstrates how fast the weather can change and why you should always be prepared.

Doug Clark and his brother Buddy were caught by surprise with a flash blizzard after school. They had made a plan to go to the nearest grocery store and call their father. The doors were locked and they were forced to walk home in the cold without a proper winter coat. The more Doug and Buddy walked the colder they got, buddy fell to his knees and began to feel extremely tired. When he was just starting to lose consciousness, Doug informed Buddy that they had arrived home.

I learnt that the weather changes quickly, it is important to be ready for any kind of weather, and that when you are cold to never stop moving no matter what. When I am going to deal with cold weather in the future, I will wear the appropriate clothing.

Meloche, Samantha (2014). Two under Dressed Brothers Take On a Blizzard.

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