Friday, December 12, 2014

Quinzhee building 101

                              Quinzhee Building 101

Who Needs A Tent For Winter Camping - Allen Macartney


  Who Needs A Tent For Winter Camping is an interesting and highly informative article on building quinzhee shelters.

   Allen Macartney starts the article by complimenting quinzhees, he even goes as far as saying "they protect a camper from winter’s harshest elements far better than any tent." He then explains what a quinzhee is and follows with how to build one. He adds numerous tips a long the way such as "The secret to a quinzhee’s warmth is natural, thick insulation" Macartney then talks about his past experiences sleeping in a quinzhee and warns the reader; despite the excellent protection a quinzhee provides, you should always bring good equipment such as a winter sleeping bag. He continues with tips for your trip to ensure a warm, cozy, and positive experience. There are lots of warnings given to the reader indicating Macartney has a lot of experience and knowledge on quinzhee's.

   This article is really helpful considering we are currently building quinzhee's in outdoor ed. There are lots and lots of tips and warnings for beginners that I'm thankful of receiving. About a week ago I had no clue what quinzhee's were and now I'm starting to get a greater understanding on the topic, which I believe will make my overnight stay in a quinzhee so much better. I know what to do, and what to avoid, how to warm up in a quinzhee and the best way to create one. This was a very helpful article, and an interesting read.

              Macartney, Allen . "WHO NEEDS A TENT FOR WINTER CAMPING?" (2013) 11 DEC 2014 <>.


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