Thursday, January 22, 2015

All About Giving Up

All About Giving Up
Rating: **

This article is about a lady who takes up hiking with her husband, on her fist big trip her and her husband did the wildcats in New Hampshire trail with his friends and she was not prepared and had to turn around a quarter of the way through. After that trip she practiced on hiking by doing smaller mountains and then had another scare when hiking in the winter with the wrong equipment and had to turn around.

            This article was alright, we usually follow the “never give up” motto but this is saying to give up when needed witch makes sense because sometimes turning back could be either a life or death decision but for her cases if she just prepared, did a couple of hikes before and had the right equipment in the first place she could have avoided this all together.

            I would not recommend this article to anyone, with the proper preparation you should be able to do the trip and finish it. When on a well thought out trip Mother Nature is your only unknown variable that should make you turn around and “give up”.

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