Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day Hiking Essentials

By: Unknown

Rating ***** Very Good

Day hiking is wonderful, unless you forget what it means to be human. So many people show up ill prepared and have negative experience outdoors when it could have been a wonderful one, reading up on guides and thinking things through can really help turn the outdoors into something you love, not hate. Being prepared physically and mentally is key as well, don't go on the hardest trial on your first time for crying out loud! In addition, packing adequate snacks and water in safe containers to provide you with the energy you need is something you have to do, and knowing how to not go overboard and weigh yourself down with useless things you over packed with. Makeshift works, but only if you have experience, don't take your large Coleman grill with you, invest the money on a small portable one if you are going for the day with friends, it's really worth it to invest in proper equipment.

"take only photographs and leave only footprints." This could not be more true, when going out be mindful of the environment, don't take what isn't yours and leave it better than when you came.

This really made me realize how some people for forget the obvious things, being outdoors int eh wild is a great experience, but without the proper supplies it can turn sour really fast. In addition I learned a few things you think would be obvious, but seem to escape everyone's mind the first time around.

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