Saturday, January 10, 2015

Captain Charles Moore on the Seas of Plastic

Rating: ***
By:Brendan Hubert

This TED Talk was given by Capt. Charles Moore explaining the horrific situation we have put our environment into because of our immense use of throw-away plastics. Mr. Moore shows the journey our plastic takes from the day it enters the sea to where it will eventually wash up some 20 years later. This talk is mainly centered around how this plastic is affecting wildlife both in the seas and on land. Pictures are shown of animals that were found dead with stomachs completely filled with indigestible pieces of plastic. The entire presentation was a true look at the world we live in and what we have done to it. 

This TED talk really made me open my eyes. Every time you finish a water bottle and just throw it in the garbage, you typically don't think about where that bottle will end up. After watching this presentation, the severity of the situation is quite evident and it is obvious that we need to change the way that we manage our waste. Islands off the coast of the U.S. that are animal sanctuaries, uninhabited by humans are even being affected by the situation. Endangered species that we are trying to protect are being found dead on beaches with stomachs full of plastic bottle caps and bottle rings. In spite of Mr. Moors presentation on the severity of the condition, he didn't offer much in a way of a solution. He seemed to have stopped the presentation right at the moment where you would expect him to say, "but there's still hope". Overall it was an eye opening presentation that will now make me think twice every time I got to throw away a water bottle

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