Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips- Geoff Irons

Rating: ****
Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips is a very informative read that gives you information on pre-planning your trip, the clothing and equipment that you should bring, and tips on food to bring and staying warm.
This is a very helpful article on what you should do whilst winter camping. When pre- planning your trip, it is important to go with other people in case of emergency, especially people who have experienced different winter activities. It is crucial that you study the weather before going, research the area you are going to and avoid potential avalanche areas. In terms of clothing, it’s important to wear a hat (much of body heat can be lost through your head) and bring extra socks and mittens. It’s important to use a winter sleeping bag instead of a summer sleeping bag, and sleeping pads are crucial so you are not too cold and not n the snow. The article states that when making your shelter, you should take into account of things like wind protection and where the sun is rising (warmth). In terms of food, it’s important to have proteins and carbs for energy.
This is a very thorough article on what is necessary when winter camping. It provides you with the necessary information on not only what to during your trip, but also during. It has really taught me the necessary clothes, sleeping equipment, food, etc. to pack, and also how I should build a shelter. It also informs you on how you should plan your trip, such as who to go with and paying attention to things like weather conditions and knowing your area. I feel that I now know the correct equipment and tips needed to survive in a winter shelter, and I hope that I can use these ideas whenever I need to build a winter shelter, either in Outdoor Ed or even outside of school. Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips is a very detailed, helpful article that will prepare you for what to do before and during a trip in the winter and how to build your shelter.
Irons, Geoff. February 12, 2014. Winter Camping and Backpacking. 

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