Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get Hooked On Nature-Ben Klasky

Get Hooked On Nature-Ben Klasky
This TED talk talks and elaborates on problems about kids now a days, and how they don't get enough time in the outdoors. Most children now a days just stay inside, play video games, and compared to the old days, kids don't spend half as much time outside.

Not only is it the kids fault, but lots of schools in this day in time give less than 15 minutes for recess, or none at all. But the effects of going outside are amazing, and getting limited sun exposure or fresh air and a bit of exercise can cause obesity, and depression.  A list of pros of going outside, are producing vitamin D, lower rates of heart disease,more positive attitude, lower anxiety, stress, obesity, and evenhelp you have better focus, especially kids with ADHD.

This TED talk has made me realize how much times have changed, and how great the outdoors really are. I hope as we grow older, things will go back to the way they were before, and when im old enough to have kids, going to play outside and having fun is still 'in", Get Hooked On Nature, Ben Klasky

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