Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cyclocross - Ryan Stuart


Rating    ****

I believe this artical is perfect for those who enjoying cycling and wish to make it a more exciting experience for themselves.

In this artical the author explains the history behind cyclocross and what it is today. It was founded in Europe in the early 1900's and grew into a big sport for cyclists to stay in biking-shape through out fall and winter.
He then explains how the course is usually set up (points with pavement, grass fields with sharp turns etc.) and what kind of obstacles are typically in them such as sand, stairs, mud, creeks and steep hills. He also tells you about the key skills that you should have in this particular sport and then he explains how to do those skills and when to use them, such as bunny-hops, dismount/remount, and running. He also says what to expect when you are racing and describes the difference between mountain bike and road bikes for a future reference, as well as some training tips.

I personally really enjoy biking and mountain biking (occasionally), if biked more often I would definetly try cyclocross. I really enjoyed this artical, mainly because it is very informative and helpful towards people who don't typically bike that often. I would most likely recommend this artical to anyone who was interested in something different in cycling.

Stuart, Ryan. Explore Magazine Fall 2013

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