Friday, January 23, 2015

How wolves change rivers- Ted Talk

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How wolves change Rivers – Sustainable Human
 The Ted talk how wolves Change Rivers was very educational, and talked about a subject that nobody really talks about, and it showed how amazing a animal can be to the eco system, and it definitely  made me think differently about wolves and other animals that we think our only on earth to kill.
 How wolves change rivers gave many facts about how important wolves are to the environment, and when they started to re-populate the changes that they had made had a amazing important impact on the eco system there was least deer therefore grass could grow, and with plants re-growing birds  started to come back, and more life started again.

 The Ted talk definitely made think differently about how important not only wolves, but every specie is, and how much difference animal can make to the world after listening to this ted talk it has made appreciate the way the food chain works, but besides making me re-think how important animals to the world t didn’t affect me in any other way.

Wolves Change Rivers was a amazing video and it definitely got its point across on how important wolves can be for the environment, and how much of a impact they have. I would definitely refer this ted talk to anybody interested in something that quick, and interesting.

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