Friday, January 23, 2015

Colorado skiing

The Report
Colorado skiing: The Big Mountains – Everett Potter
The Article is a great article for when/if you are looking to go skiing in Colorado, but want to know more information on the place and from reading this article I have learnt a lot about the Colorado slops, and it sounds like a fun, and great place to go skiing with friends and family.

Colorado skiing article is brief article on what the Colorado offers to people who are planning to come and visit the big mountains of Colorado.  The article includes what this skiing resort is all about, and what they have done to make the place better for the visitors. Overall the article talked about how amazing the place is for people who want to come skiing on the Colorado Mountains and what it includes for their visitors.

  After reading this article it definitely made me want to go visit, and go skiing at Colorado mountains, and it had a lot of information on what it includes, and how they’re trying to make a difference with this resort, but it didn’t include what to look out for while skiing on the slopes which would have been a great to include in the article, but from everything that the article included it has definitely made me want to go visit the Colorado resort and go skiing.
I would definitely refer this article to anybody that wants to read a good article on Colorado or if they want to go skiing somewhere, or if they’re comparing skiing places and need information.

-          Sarah Forgie

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