Friday, January 9, 2015

Lewis Pugh: How I Swam the North Pole

Lewis Pugh: How I Swam the North Pole
Rating: ****
January 9, 2015

         In this Ted Talk Lewis Pugh is man who dreamed of adventuring the North Pole and in 2002 he made the trip to follow his dream to witness the most northern part in the world and every year since he returned to the north pole and witnessed how much it changes over every year do to pollution. This Ted Talk tells us about his amazing journey to swim through the north pole in only a bathing suit through the polar waters. This Ted Talk made me think how difficult that task must of been to swim through freezing cold water for great distances with no special kind of suit but all he had was a small bathing suit. The reason why Lewis Pugh did this task was because he wanted to help raise awareness for the pollution and the effects of green house gases and demonstrate how much damage these two things have done to the environment and how much those things have damaged the North Pole and the ice caps them selves. This Ted Talk inspired me to try not pollute the earth and try my best to clean up the environment. I learned that he had to train for many months before doing this task to get his body ready to face the freezing cold water. I think this video affected me because it is pretty crazy that someone would put there own body on the line to promote the danger of global warming and it shows how much he cares for the environment. Also I believe that I will change my beliefs about green house gasses because do to recent events and this video they all explain how much damage is being don to the ice caps and the environment around the world. In the end this was a very good Ted Talk because it was very interesting and it had a lot of important information. 


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