Thursday, January 22, 2015

Medical Miracle on Everest

Medical Miracle on Everest
Ken Kamler
Rating: *****
            This Ted Talk is about the second deadleist climb in mount evererest history, it happened in 1996. Ken Kramer, who is the speaker, was the only doctor on the expedition, this ted talk is about him and the others struggle to save each others lives in an extreme storm on the top of the mountain. One man survived 36 hours buried in snow and in the ted talk they showed brain images of the man to map his survival that is considered a miracle to doctors.
            I found this article extremley fascinating, it is amazing that weather can change in a flash without warning and that every climbers lives are at the will of the mountain. Even expereinced mountain climbers were killed in this storm, showing how intense it was. One mans story was especially intresting, he collapsed in the snow higher up on the mountain and was in a state where he was aware of his suroundings but could not move or even blink, search parties passed by him thinking he was dead and left him there, after a day, a night and another day (36 hours) Beck weathers forced his brain to make his body move by thinking about his family and life, and using his will to live to pick himself up, climb down the mountain to camp and survive, the brain images showing what he was thinking were incredibley amazing, just showing the power of the human brain and its will to live.
            I would deffinatly recommend this to anyone because it is a very insperational story that shows just how amazing and complex the human brain is.
Kamler, Ken. (October 2009). Medical Miracle on Everest. Ted. retrieved January 22nd, 2014, from <>

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